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Ammajaan’s Skin & Hair Care Wisdom

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Ammajans Secrets

From the hands of our Ammajaan, this herbal Hair Oil concoction came to my Ammajan from my Great-Grandmother and then to me from her. I still remember when I was a toddler, she used to apply this oil to my hair and when I grew up, It remained this way, till I got married. Mothers always love you the same:) . I'm a Mom now, and guess what, our 4th Generation is using this same oil. It has kept my hairs shiny, straight, Long and ever-growing since years. I love changing hair styles and colors. I've sported all sorts of short and long cuts with many different color combinations. I've sported them awesomely always and to-date, people ask me, what 's the secret behind my hair. They are bouncy and luscious, healthy and beautiful as ever... This is my hair story, if you want that you fall in love with your hair and see people getting amazed by them, then Amma Jan's concoction is the right oil for you... unlock the opportunity of beautiful and lovely hair, with my Amma jan's love :)